Local delivery in royal tunbridge wells
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Founded by Xavier and Conrad, Mermaid Gin is from the Isle of Wight’s first and only distillery. Their small team distil spirits shaped by the unique character of the island. One of the reasons we stock them is that they do things differently, minimising waste, using ethically sourced and often local ingredients to craft a range of smooth, complex spirits.


As part of their commitment to sustainability, conservation and a circular economy, they’re proactive in helping to protect the island’s marine environment. They’ve adopted a progressive and sustainable approach - gradually eliminating plastic from their packaging and supply chains, while using biodegradable materials wherever possible.


They use ethically sourced and local natural ingredients. Rock Samphire is foraged from the shoreline, Boadicea hops are harvested from Ventnor Botanic Gardens and elderflower is handpicked from local fields, while their strawberries are grown in the lush Arreton Valley.

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